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What is Working Capital Loan?

A working capital loan is a debt which will help the business to meet its short term needs and to carry its everyday operations with ease. The working capital loan will provide short term liquidity and adequate cash inflow to the business. It will help the business to come out from the cash crunch kind of circumstances.

Features and Benefits

Quick Approval and Disbursal – Another significant characteristic of this loan is that it is easy to obtain as minimum documentation is required to process the application.

Collateral Free – The Working capital loan is an unsecured loan. There is no requirement to put any collateral to secure the loan. A business can avail unsecured working capital loan up-to 30 lacs.

Equity Sharing is not Required – Sharing the equity of the company is not required in the working capital loan. All the equity of the company and control will remain with the business.

Purpose of Working Capital Loan

Working capital loans are taken by a business to perform its day-to-day operations. Working capital loans helps the business to generate immediate cash for their everyday overheads.

Many businesses take the Working capital loan to fulfil requirements mentioned below: –

  • To pay the salaries of the staff
  • To purchase raw material for the business
  • To outperform the cash crunch situations
  • Provides liquidity and adequate cash inflow

Summary: –

Business owners require capital to perform various day to day operations to run the business with ease. Working capital loans are a good source of capital for the startups and SME’s as they provide liquidity and adequate cash inflows to meet the everyday overheads.

Critical Analysis

Working capital loans provide liquidity and adequate cash inflow to finance the everyday operation of the businessWorking capital loans can’t be used to finance a new business project or for business operations
Quick approval and disbursalHigher interest rate in case of poor business credit ratings
Collateral free method of debt financing.
Equity sharing is not required.

Working Capital Loan Eligibility

Please note that eligibility criteria for working capital loan differ from provider to provider however there are some common eligibility requirements mentioned below: –

Age of the applicantMinimum 25 years
Business vintageMinimum 3 years
Financial informationIncome tax return for minimum 1 year

Documents Required

Please note that the documents required for working capital loan differ from provider to provider however there are some common documents required mentioned below: –

  • Passport-sized photograph
  • KYC Documents
  • Business proof: Certificate of business existence
  • Relevant Financial documents
  • Bank Account statement of last month

Interest Rate and Tenure

Interest rate and tenure of the working capital loan depends and varies from provider to provider however below is generic information to give you a basic idea.

Interest Rate18% and above
Loan term1 year to 5 years
AmountUp to 50lacs

How to Apply for Working Capital Loan?

We can assist you to get the working capital loan with ease as we are partnered with few business loan providers. Please follow the below steps to apply for a working capital loan: –

  • Please fill the form.
  • Our service representative will call you to understand your requirements in detail.
  • We will identify the best and most suited loan option for you.

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